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Family Tragedy

Family Tragedy

On 3 November 1927 tragedy struck the family. William Scott’s father was killed helping to put out a fire in Kirkpatrick’s Drapery Store in the Hollow, Enniskillen.

As well as the personal loss and trauma to the young boy’s life, William Scott was left as the eldest boy in a large family without its main breadwinner. His artistic aspirations could easily have ended there had he not received support from the local community. At his father’s funeral, the Rev RJ Jenkins included the following words in his eulogy: ‘We shall yet be proud of his children – one of his sons already exhibits signs of latent talent of no mean order of artistic ability.’

In return for his father’s sacrifice and in recognition of William Scott’s early promise, a group of Enniskillen citizens set up a fund to enable the young artist to gain further experience.

In 1928 William, aged 15, entered the Belfast College of Art.

  1928 Baby 3

William Scott's sister, Violet (died 1930), 1928
Courtesy of William Scott Foundation

Lough Erne 3
William Scott
[Lough Erne, Enniskillen] 1928
Oil on board
27.6 × 35.7 cm / 10¾ × 14 in
Private collection
© William Scott Foundation 2016