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Life in The Recent Past

(Key Stage 1 & 2)
(First Class - Sixth Class)

How did people live before electricity became common-place?

This programme focuses on the conditions experienced by people before electricity became common-place. It provides a wonderful opportunity for children to handle and investigate objects from the recent past. Museum staff will guide you through three activities.

Select three programmes from those detailed below:

1. Traditional rural life in Fermanagh.
Visit a 1930s style kitchen and handle the kitchen utensils and equipment used in pre-electricity days. Learn about methods of heating, cooking and food production. Explore issues such as self-sufficiency.

2. History Detectives
Investigate an assortment of mystery objects from the 1930s and use these clues to build a picture of the families they belonged to.

3. 1930s Wash Day - The Most Important Day of the Week
Handle laundry utensils - wash boards, mangle and irons - and discover how they were used.

4.The Lighting Timeline
Handle various forms of lighting from candles to oil lamps. Discover how they worked and how their design improved over the years.

5. Northern Ireland Screen
Explore the film footage of life in rural Ireland.*

Duration: 1 ½ hours. Admission charge applies, teachers free.

*The Digital Film Archive can be accessed free of charge

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