Plantation and New Settlers

Plantation and New Settlers

These items represent our Plantation and New Settlers section of the Fermanagh 100

1. Enniskillen Charter 1613

Belmore Collection

Enniskillen received it’s charter in 1613 by King James I. The charter gave the corporate town the right to hold fairs and markets and other liberties.

Commissioned Researcher: Dr William Roulston

MS1209 ©The Board of Trinity College Dublin.MS1209 ©The Board of Trinity College Dublin.

2. Enniskillen Trade Tokens

Fermanagh County Museum

These circular copper tokens date from the 17th Century. Named trading tokens, they became popular in the second half of the the 17th C when no coins were minted in Ireland. There were six tradesmen minting tokens in Enniskillen including Rynd and Wornock. The symbols are thought to represent the environment and surroundings of Enniskillen.

Trade Tokens ©Fermanagh County MuseumTrade Tokens ©Fermanagh County Museum

3. Silver Communion Flagon

St Macartins Cathedral

This silver communion flagon is housed in St Macartins Cathedral. It was made by the renowned silversmith David King and is linked to the Enniskillen Silver Mace which was also made by King.

Commissioned Researcher: Frank Roofe

4. Silver Flagon

Belmore Collection

This silver flagon was made by John Corry in the 17th century. It is part of the Belmore collection and was made in England.

Commissioned Researcher: Peter Marson

Silver Flagon ©Belmore CollectionSilver Flagon ©Belmore Collection

5. 1772 Map of Enniskillen

Fermangh County Museum (Copy)

Map of Enniskillen and adjoining townlands inscribed ‘Town of Enniskillen, and the Townlands Estate of the Right-Honourable Lord Mont Florence, in the County of Fermanagh surveyed in the year 1772  by Farrel Mulvihill’.

Commissioned Researcher: Catherine Scott

M09635 1772 Map Copyright Fermanagh County Museum Small

1772 Map of Enniskillen ©Fermanagh County Museum

6. Defence of Enniskillen Document

Fermangh County Museum

This document is evidence of an incident which triggered a series of events in 1688-89 which led to the formation of the two regiments from Enniskillen, the 6th (Inniskilling) Dragoons and the 27th (Inniskilling) Regiment of Foot.

Commissioned Researcher: Richard Bennett

Oath of Allegiance to Gustavus Hamilton ©Fermanagh County MuseumOath of Allegiance to Gustavus Hamilton. ©Fermanagh County Museum.

7. Bust of Fredrick Steele

Portora Royal School

This bust was given to Portora Royal Shool in 1918 alongisde a bust of Fredrick’s father William. The bust were originally placed in the dining halls but were movved to the Steele Hall in 1945. The bust of Fredrick is poignant in that he drowned in 1866, aged 18 and the bust was created to commemorate him and placed in the school where he father was Headmaster in his honour.

Commissioned Researcher: Robert NorthridgeBust Of Frederick Steele Copyright Ross BrimstoneBust of Frederick Steele. ©Ross Brimstone

8. Frith Sword


The Frith sword belonged to Enniskillen soldier William Frith, is a prized cavalry sword. The significance of the sword is that it was carried at the Battle of the Boyne in July 1690.

Commissioned Researcher:

9. Bodley Barony Map of Fermanagh

Fermanagh County Museum

A survey of the lands of Ulster began in 1609. After the Flight of the Earls and the O’Doherty rebellion the crown took the opportunity to survey the lands of Ulster and get a better understanding of the physical and cultural landscape of the province. Sir Josias Bodley was the head of the team of mapmakers who undertook this task and his name has become attached to the maps as a result.

Commissioned Researcher: Dr Annaleigh Margey

TNA MPF1 42 The Barony Of Mageery Steffanah With The Two Halfe Bar Of Coole And TircannadaT.N.A. MPF1/42, ‘The Barony of Mageery Steffanah with the two halfe bar: of Coole and Tircannada’

10. Ely Patent

Fermanagh County Museum

This vellum patent of peerage, now almost 400 years old, marks the elevation in 1622 of Sir Adam Loftus (1568-1643), Baronet, to the rank of Viscount Loftus of Ely by King James I.

Commissioned Researcher: Helen Lanigan Wood

Adam Loftus Letters Patent ©Fermanagh County MuseumEly Patent. ©Fermanagh County Museum